Build a QnA virtual assistant in 10 mins

Triniti.Ai helps financial firms put their digital transformation in the fast track*

Go live in minutes, no painful data curation

Train on existing knowledge bases e.g faq's and go live faster.

Minimal variants required

Minimal additional training data required, CognitiveQnA works with high accuracy on standard faq’s with a single question and answer pair.

Automatic data annotation

No manual annotation of data, CognitiveQnA uses cutting edge algorithms to automatically annotate data, which can be fine-tuned.

Automatic variant generation

Generate synthetic variants automatically to further improve accuracy using CognitiveQnA’s powerful paraphrasing algorithms.

High accuracy

Leverage the power of cutting edge deep learning algorithms.


Powerful paraphrasing capability which can generate logical variants automatically thus reducing the need for question variants.

Deep learning domain models

Pre-bundled domain models boost the paraphrasing algorithms leading to greater breadth of coverage and increasing accuracy.

Bidirectional spell checkers & acronyms

Bidirectional contextual spell checking algorithms coupled with acronyms dictionary which clean up user input leading to higher accuracy.

Natural conversations

Human like conversations capability with context and disambiguation

Conversation context

Conversational memory retention capability which enables follow on human like contextual conversations.

Domain ontology & disambiguation

Pre-bundled Domain Ontology which enables disambiguation capability for ambiguous queries with guided user support for clarification before giving a response.

Predictive FAQ’s

Predictive typing capability with ranking which enables users to quickly narrow down on their exact query.

OmniChannel capability

Service customers on their preferred channel on voice and text

Multi channel text support

Out of the box support for social messaging channels, web and mobile via easy to bundle SDK’s.

Multi channel voice support

Out of the box support for voice across IOT (Alexa , Google Home), mobile, web and IVR (Twilio).

Channel specific responses

Support for channel specific responses to ensure best user experience.

Failover to human agents

Graceful in channel failover to human agents in case of failure

Failover to human agents

Graceful failover to human agents in case of unaddressable queries on text and voice (IVR).

Customer support integration

Prebuilt integrations to popular customer service platforms like LiveChat , Zendesk*, Freshdesk*, Liveperson*.

Supervised self learning

Train AI models based on customer and agent interactions via the admin console to improve accuracy.

Conversational workflows

Craft guided conversational journeys via a web designer

Conversation designer

Intuitive feature rich drag and drop conversational workflow designer to orchestrate simple and complex journeys with ease.

Developer friendly

Support for scripting, web hooks, debuggers which enables building advanced conversational journey.

Collaborative, low code

Collaborate in real time with business users and team members to rapidly prototype and develop conversational use cases.


Analyse and measure the performance of virtual bots.


Measure virtual bot metrics by users, sessions, conversations across channels.


Analyse conversation journeys via powerful visualisation tools to find out popular functionalities and user abandonment rate.


Improve virtual bot performance via conversation reports to identify failure rates and retain models.

Secure & scalable infrastructure

On demand, scalable, secure infrastructure on AWS

Scalable infrastructure

Scalable, on demand, autoscale infrastructure hosted on proven AWS platform.

Banking grade security

Multi tier, banking-grade security, compliance with industry standard best practices. AWS certified.

Data privacy

Industry standard data privacy practices with no sharing of user data and compliance to applicable privacy laws.

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