Machine Reading Comprehension

As intelligent conversational interfaces (Chatbots) go mainstream, the expectation from this medium has grown to expect near human-like ability to answer queries, transact and resolve issues for an enterprise. Answering factoids has remained a big challenge in conversational interfaces today. The state-of-the-art today use simple Question Answering Systems that are trained with curated questions and […]

Cognitive collaboration: The emerging role of AI in banking

Source: CUInsights What makes a consumers’ experience exceptional…

Staying Sane and Optimistic amid the AI ballyhoo!

At NIPS 2016, there was an unprecedented story…

Conversation Design And Breaking From Shackles of App Mindset

Conversational Interfaces are relatively new. Facebook was one…

Triniti Meets Oracle

I’ve been working with Active.Ai for more than…

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