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CognitiveQnA is a AI powered customer service automation platform which handles customer queries without any human intervention. CognitiveQnA applies cutting edge deep learning algorithms to understand and comprehend customer queries in order to find the best answer to the question, thus enabling higher customer satisfaction, lower customer service costs and transforming customer service into a competitive advantage.

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How does it work?

Intuitive tools help you configure your virtual bot in 10 mins

Create virtual bot

Build your own Conversation AI workspace for your virtual bot

Import QnA

Simply import a FAQ URL or weblink

Train Model

Simply train the data models and test your bot

Enable channels

Select a channel which you want your bot to be used in

Go live

Launch your bot to your users

Automate your customer support

Transform your customer service, reduce cost, happier customers

Reduce cost by 100%

CognitiveQnA handles all frequently asked questions, thus enabling you to scale with your customer support team

Increase customer satisfaction

CognitiveQnA responds instantly in realtime, avoiding the frustration wait times, leading to increased customer satisfaction

Engage customers, increase revenue

CognitiveQnA can guide customers to get more information on related products or services and even cross sell new products and accept leads leading to additional revenue lines

Go live in minutes, achieve high accuracy

No manual annotation, cutting edge deep learning algorithms

Minimal variants required

Minimal or none* additional training data required, CognitiveQnA works with high accuracy on standard FAQ's with a single question answer pair.

Automatic data annotation

No manual annotation of data CognitiveQnA uses cutting edge algorithms to automatically annotate data which can be fine-tuned.

Deep learning domain models

Pre bundled domain models boost the paraphrasing algorithms leading to greater breadth of coverage and increasing accuracy.

All you need for next gen virtual assistant

Natural conversations, design conversation journeys with OmniChannel capability

Conversation context

Conversational memory retention capability which enables follow on human like contextual conversations.

Conversation designer

Intuitive feature rich drag and drop conversational workflow designer to orchestrate simple and complex journeys and with ease.

OmniChannel capability

Out of the box support for social messaging channels, web and mobile via easy to bundle SDK’s

Automatic variants

Generate synthetic variants automatically to further improve accuracy using CognitiveQnA's powerful paraphrasing algorithms.

Spell checkers

Bidirectional contextual spell checking algorithms which correct user input leading to higher accuracy.


Disambiguation capability for ambiguous queries with guided user flows for clarification before responding.

Failover to agents

Graceful failover to human agents in case for unclassified queries on both text and voice (IVR).


Measure virtual bot metrics by users, sessions, conversations across channels.

Scalable & secure

Scalable, on demand, autoscale infrastructure hosted on AWS platform with banking grade security & data privacy.

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